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New Motor Installation

New Motor Installation by doing it yourself

Replacing a garage door with a Des Moines new motor installation is easy. You could also do it when you have some time. Buy the replacement kit to get started with. This is mostly required when you want to replace motor gear with the motor assembly. While buying a kit, you must also consider all the specifications that new motors are buying. You must then disconnect the motor unit. The garage door should remain closed. Remove the cable from its socket while the unit is shut off. Then you have to remove all connections from the trolley and motor unit. To do this you have to unplug the associated or joint cables. You have to make the chain loose from the top of its trolley. Remove cap that holds chain on top of its motor unit. The unit cover can be removed by unscrewing at least 4 screws that holds in its place.

Dismantle the old motor and then remove the plastic retained clip that’s positioned in the brackets of the sides. Remove motor gear and sprocket assembly from its unit. You can then install the new motor. Screw back all the three screws that were unscrewed. Attach its new motor assembly to its unit and screw back using those 4 screws with the one that was attached before. Attach it to the capacitor and by using the red, white and blue wires. You have to place the limit switch back where it came from and reconnect everything. use lubrication for your gear and within the motor be Des Moines garage door repair.